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Travel Checklist: 5 Important Tasks Before You Travel Abroad

Unless you travel abroad frequently, getting ready for such a trip requires some careful planning. After all, anything you forget to pack will be an ocean away. Anything you forget to arrange will be a missed connection or a canceled itinerary. To help prioritize your travel planning, we suggest you put the following five items ...


Traveling Frugally

Depending on your age, interests, and potential travel companions, you can vacation cheaply by staying in hostels, eating frugally and making fewer splurges. Many people assume that traveling to another country means that they must spend large amounts of money on five-star restaurants, huge shopping trips, and expensive itineraries. Not true! In the first part ...


Saving on Accommodations

For many would-be world travelers, their fantasies are much richer than their bank accounts. However, traveling is not always as expensive a proposition as you might think, and there are also creative ways to keep income flowing while you travel. Before you cross “travel the world” off your bucket list, consider the following tips for ...


Remote Jobs

Most people assume that travel and work don’t exactly go hand in hand unless you’re a travel writer. But with the increase in work-at-home options and the almost universal presence of the internet, more and more individuals are discovering that the work-at-home model can be taken on the road. While we advocate stress-free travel breaks without ...


Signs You’re Destined to Be a World Traveler

Are you a future world traveler?   In a world of so many different personalities, the person with wanderlust stands out. If traveling the globe is frequently on your mind, you may be a future world traveler. Here are a few other signs that travel is in your future:


De-Stressing through Travel: Advice for Professionals

Ask any busy professional today what the biggest hazard of their job is, and you may receive answers ranging from “my boss” to “a long commute.” What most of these answers have in common, however, is a more serious professional danger – stress. Today’s professionals are probably more stressed than ever. Healthcare providers warn of ...


Proper Packing: 6 Hacks to Reduce Your Luggage Burden

When planning a trip abroad, one major consideration is the amount and weight of your luggage. Proper packing can help you avoid additional costs for extra pieces of checked luggage, suitcases that exceed weight limits or valet costs. In addition to avoiding costs, packing wisely will keep you less weighted down — with fewer things ...


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