What is Workadise?

Ever thought of traveling to your dream destination while working? I bet that crossed your mind, if not part of your lifetime bucket list. Well, get ready to kick that off your bucket list because here in Workadise, we will make it possible for you.


Workadise is an exciting program for passionate travelers and professionals who want to pursue traveling the world while working. And the most awesome part is, you will be joined with other like-minded individuals from all around the world to form a travelers-slash-professionals community to take part in this yearlong trip. Yes, that’s 12 countries for 12 months of pursuing your dream to travel the world, building your career, and expanding your network of friends.

Workadise will let you experience a once in a lifetime journey where you will have a chance to immerse with the people and their culture. Since you will be given a month to stay on your travel destination, you will have ample time to work for passion projects like learning a language, or be a volunteer for a cause while still maintaining that professional title you’ve worked so hard for the past years.

Here at Workadise, we understand that you want to travel with ease and personalization, so we will arrange everything for you, from flights between destinations; to cozy accommodations; to social activities, and even workspaces to give way to your work-life balance. Sounds like paradise, eh? Definitely. Because Workadise wants to give you a hassle-free journey of working while traveling, very much like “living in a paradise” environment.

What’s In It For The Participants


Live the dream of work-life balance and time freedom like a real paradise experience


Have a first-hand authentic local travel feels while you encounter new adventures


Experience a stress-free journey as you enjoy convenience and personalisation


Remain connected to the world with social space, shared workspaces and creative amenities

Experience the journey of a lifetime.

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Workadise starts on June 1, 2018


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